Education in the Gospel, in all areas of life.

At Visionarion Press, our heart’s desire is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ through education.
We want to help you understand how to make a solid impact for Christ—

in your home, your family, your community.

In Mark 4, Jesus likens the Kingdom of God to a seed which a farmer casts into the ground. He illustrates the principle of growth, “First the blade, then the ear, after that the full corn in the ear” (Mark 4:28).

Our work at Visionarion Press is to plant seeds, through education, of the Gospel and its application to every area of life. We want to help others to understand how to be faithful to Jesus Christ in their homes, churches, and communities!

Currently, our first book (with many more to come) is The Sovereignty of God by Arthur W. Pink. This concept is the bedrock of our life—God is the Lord, and His Word speaks to all areas of life! History, family, church, vocation, calling, the state, economics, and more are under His Lordship. His redemption extends to them all!

Drawing from a long history of faithful authors, pastors, writers, and teachers, our goal is to translate these works into very practical educational forms—online homeschool curriculum, study courses, community study guides, and more. We are very small today, but this is a brand new day of small beginnings. First, the blade. The harvest will come in God’s time.

Kyle Andrew Shepherd & Shelby Shepherd, founders of Visionarion Press, live in north Alabama. They were both homeschooled and have studied applying Scriptures to a number of societal issues for several years. Kyle has written in the past for The Wallace Group and Foundations for Reconstruction. He is also the Curator of the Rev. David H. Chilton Center for Reformed Theology, and is undergoing a pastoral internship and studying for his M.Div from New Geneva Leadership Academy in Appomattox, VA. Shelby, in addition to caring for their daughter Elizabeth, is in the long process of studying and writing on handling child abuse and sexual abuse from a Biblical viewpoint.

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