Living to God – vol. 1

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What’s next for the church?

In the period of the Reformation, the Protestants declared that Scripture alone is the infallible standard for Christian faith and practice. This conviction leveled the Roman Catholic edifice and busted up its faulty foundation. In 1646, the Westminster Assembly poured fresh concrete and built their faith on the Word of God. That foundation is the subject of this first volume of Living to God.

For the past 370 years, churches that subscribe to the Westminster Standards have been content to study the confession and debate how best to interpret it. But it’s high time for the churches to build on the work of the Westminster divines and use the confession as a blueprint for kingdom building, in our homes, communities, and countries. In this tactical commentary, J. Vaden Cavett seeks to do just that, examining the document with an eye toward personal and societal sanctification.

Written in blog installments over the past several months, this first volume includes discussions on the first two chapters of the Westminster Confession of Faith, and includes the corresponding questions from the Children’s Catechism (Qs.1–15), the Westminster Shorter Catechism (Qs.1–6), and the Westminster Larger Catechism (Qs. 1–11).

109 pages, paperback.

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  1. 5 out of 5

    Excellent book. Very well written. This book could very well be a life changing book for many who don’t understand His ways!!

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